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The Patriot Connection – The Bizarre Signing From the Patriots That Lead the Raiders to Winning Super Bowl XVIII 

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Raiders last Super Bowl win in 1983 so I will be writing many articles on that team this year.  In 1978 and 1979 the Raiders had missed the playoffs two straight seasons ending each at 9-7. They revamped the team in 1980 and won a Super Bowl. […]

Raider Greats – Bernie Custis – Barrier Breaker, Al Davis’ Roommate at Syracuse, My Grammar School Principal and a Great Man! 

This is a unique Raider great because (a) he never actually played for the Raiders yet had a strong Raider connection and (b) I had a personal relationship with him and a great story of what this relationship led to.  Bernie was Al Davis’s roommate at Syracuse. In the history of the Raiders DVD released […]

The Need For Speed – WR Rod Barksdale – The Sprinter with No Football Experience 

One of the series we will have on is the “Need for Speed” about all of the speedsters that played for the Raiders. After Cliff Branch retired Al Davis,  who was always already consumed and obsessed with fast players, became even more obsessed with Speed and finding the next Branch (a world class sprinter […]