Raiders Classics – Raiders Exact a Bit of Revenge over Patriots on Sunday Night in 2002

The stage was set. Both the Raiders and Patriots were 5-4 going onto the 10th game of the year and both needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. At this point in the season the Raiders were actually third place behind the Chargers and Broncos who both won early that Sunday and were 7-3 (both would fade down the strength and end up 8-8 while the raiders would surge). 

This was also the revenge game for the tuck rule. Both teams drove down the field in the first quarter and ended with FGs. 

In the second quarter the Raiders took control of the game. They put together a methodical drive that ended in a Zack Crockett TD run on 4th down then stripped and sacked Tom Brady (this time it was a fumble!) near half time , which set up a Gannon TD run and a Raiders led 17-6 at halftime.  This turnover was the turning point of the game. 

The Raiders would take another drive down the field to increase their lead to 24-6. The Patriots would get a bizarre pick 6 by Teddy Bruschi when  a pass bounced off Lawyer Milloy’s foot. After a Raider FG, which made the game 27-13 with only a minute to play, Kevin Faulk would return a KR for a TD which made the game look closer than it was. 

The Raiders dominated the game, out gaining the Patriots 386 to 185 yards by a near 2 to 1 margin. Gannon was 26 for 38 for nearly 300 yards and a rushing TD to go with Zach Crockett punching in 2 short yardage TDs. The Raiders would have 4 players (Charlie Garner (who had 122 total scrimmage yards), Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Doug Jolley (including a circus catch by Jolley)) with at least 58 yards receiving. 

This game didn’t make up for the Tuck Rule in 2001, but the Raiders would exact a bit of revenge on that Sunday night that set the tone for their late season run that won them home field advantage in the playoffs and an eventual AFC Championship. 

In addition, this would be the only game Tom Brady would ever lose to the Raiders! 

Below are highlights of the game.