Raider Classics – Raiders Knock Chiefs out of Playoffs in KC in 1999 Season Finale

Much like the last decade since 2013 The 1990s were a tough decade for the Raiders against the Chiefs. So tough that they only won two games against them entering the 1999 season finale . The entire decade the raiders had a 2-18 record against KC (they played 20 games as they also played in a wildcard game in 1991) . The Raiders only wins coming in 1992 and 1996. 

Entering the final game of the 1999 season KC sported a 8-7 record and held the tie breaker over Seattle if both teams finished 9-7. Therefore, the Chiefs were win and you’re in. The Raiders had been up and down the 1999 season they sported one of the best offences in football and won a few blowouts. However, the Raiders’ failure to win close games cost them in 1999 . They entered the game with a 7-8 record with 7 of the 8 losses being by 1 score or less. 

THe Raiders were beat up on the Oline starting 2 rookies and a long term backup at LT, RT and RG. 

The game started out as a nightmare for the Raiders as Rich Gannon threw a pick 6 then Tamarick vanover returned a punt for a TD. Another Raiders drive ended in a Gannon INT and the Chiefs drove for a FG. However, the Raiders responded with a Special Teams TD of their own with Kenny Shedd returning a blocked punt for a TD. The game stood 17-7 at the end of the first quarter with all 3 TDs coming on Special Teams or Defense.

The Raiders changed up their game plan, with their Oline beat up the Chiefs were coming after Gannon and sitting on long routes. The Raiders began to use short passes and screens to RBs. Zack Crockett (who would score 5 TDS on only 53 touches in 1999) scored on a 13 yard screen pass and Napolean Kaufman scored on a 20 yard shuddle this swung the game and gave the raiders a 21-17 lead.

The Chiefs came back with a TD pass to  Tony Gonzalez. Then the Raiders ended the half with another TD pass to a RB this time to Tyrone Wheatley.  This wild game ended 28-24 at the half. 

The Chiefs came out firing in the second half with a TD pass from Elvis Grbac to Joe Horn giving them a 31-28 lead.

Then Tyrone Wheatley had the run of the season breaking a half a dozen KC tackles and dragging 2 Chiefs 5 yards into the endzone for a 26 yard td. Wheatley on the day would finish with 86 yards and a TD rushing and 34 yards receiving and another TD. Ending his comeback 1999 season in high style. 

The Chiefs retook the lead 38-35 on a TD pass to Kevin Lockett. On the day Grgac completed 20 for 39 passes for 263 yards 3 tds and 0 ints and the Chiefs 3 headed monster at RB of Donnell Bennett (84 yards) Richardson (70 yards) and Bam Morris (34 yards) led the way for 189 yards rushing for the Chiefs. 

The Raiders got the ball back late in the game and drove to kick a game tying FG with 35 seconds left . Then KC quickly moved the ball into field goal range themselves but Pete Stoyanovich missed a FG.

In OT the Raiders drove into Field Goal range on the back of passes to Tim Brown who would finish the day with 122 yards receiving and short passes to FB Jon Ritchies who finished with a career high 8 catches for 50 yards. After the slow start and 2 INTs Rich Gannon would go 25 for 47 324 yards 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Both teams finished with over 400 yards as the Raiders won this wild shootout 41-38.

This would send the teams in opposite directions the next three seasons. The Raiders would win three straight AFC west titles from 2000-2002, beating the Chiefs 5 straight times and 6 of 7, making the conference championship twice culminating in a Super Bowl appearance after the 2002 season. Where as the Chiefs would not finish above .500 till 2003.

Below are highlights of this wild game along with the full game.